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Book Chapters

  • The Chaucer Encyclopedia. Ed. by Richard Newhauser, Vincent Gillespie, Jessica Rosenfield and Katie Walter. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell. (to be published). Contribution of several entries: 

    • Cartage (Cartagena)​

    • France, Fraunce

    • Gawle (Galatia)

    • Palatye (Palathia, Balat)

    • Ravenne (Ravenna)

    • Sayne, Seyne (Seine River)

    • Simon Aurea Capra

    • Tagus (Tajo River)

    • Tybre (Tiber River)

    • Walakye (Wallachia)

    • Watriquet de Couvin


  • “Robin des Bois et Merlin, l’héroïsme en forêt”. La forêt, un Moyen Âge enchanté? Exhibition catalogue, Musée de Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye. Gand: Snoeck éditions, 2021, p. 116-121. 

  • Del Duca, Patrick and Fruoco, Jonathan (trans.). “Wolfram and the Ambiguity of the Religious Question in the Willehalm”. Polyphony and the Modern. Ed. Jonathan Fruoco. Abingdon-on-Thames: Routledge, 2021, p. 150-165.

  • Bertonèche, Caroline and Fruoco, Jonathan (trans.). ““‘Tis More Ancient Than Chaucer Himself”: Keats and Romantic Polyphony”. Polyphony and the Modern. Ed. Jonathan Fruoco. Abingdon-on-Thames: Routledge, 2021, p. 206-215.

This conference has been filmed.​

  • Andrews, Malcolm and Fruoco, Jonathan (trans.). “Fiction sous perfusion : Dickens et la sérialisation”. Imaginaire sériel. Ed. Jonathan Fruoco et al. Grenoble: UGA Editions, 2017, p. 19-32.




  • Geoffrey Chaucer in Battle: The Trauma of War. » Medieval Warfare 11│3. Rotterdam: Karwansaray, 2021, p. 36-39.









Conference Papers


You will find here a selection of recent unpublished or to be published conference papers:


  • "Lire Chaucer et chanter son anglais." nternational conference: Chanter les poètes. Université Grenoble Alpes, Octobre 2018. [Unfilmed public reading and commentary of some of Chaucer's poetry.]


This conference has been filmed.










  • "Chaucer, The Parliament of Fowls et The House of Fame : l'usage détourné du symbolisme de l'oiseau." Research seminar: L’arbre au Moyen Âge : histoire naturelle, symbolique et littéraire. Université Grenoble Alpes, November 2015.



Cultural Mediation



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