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Polyphony and the Modern asks one fundamental question: what does it mean to be modern in one’s own time? To answer that question, this volume focuses on polyphony as an index of modernity. Can a claim of modernity also mean something more ambitious?  This book sees polyphony as a bridge providing a terminology and a stylistic practice by which the period barrier between Medieval and Early Modern can be breached.

Polyphony and the Modern

Routledge, 2021


Everybody knows Robin Hood, but few people in France know the origins of his legend. 

This book proposes, for the first time in French, a bilingual edition of the original Robin Hood poems and plays that defined this iconic character.

 Lone Medievalist Prize for Scholarship 2018

Les Faits et Gestes de Robin des Bois

Poèmes, ballades et saynètes

UGA Editions, 2017


Recounting past events is intrinsic to the storytelling function, as most fiction assumes the past tense as the natural means of narrating a story. 

Ranging from poetry to novels, this collection of essays discusses the extent to which fictional acts of remembering are also acts of rewriting the past.

(Re)writing and Remembering

Memory as Artefact and Artifice

Cambridge Scholars, 2016


Geoffrey Chaucer has long been considered by the critics as the father of English poetry. However, this notion not only tends to forget a huge part of the history of Anglo-Saxon literature but also to ignore the specificities of Chaucer’s style.  But if Chaucer cannot be thought of as the father of English poetry, he is, however, the father of English prose and one of the main artisans of what Mikhail Bakhtin called the polyphonic novel.

Chaucer's Polyphony. The Modern in Medieval Poetry

MIP, De Gruyter, 2020


In this collection of essays, academics from various disciplines question the notion of seriality. What fascinates us in fragmented narratives? Why are we instantly hooked?

This book attempts to define a serial imaginary that would explain the impact of seriality on the human mind.

Imaginaire sériel

Les mécanismes à l'oeuvre danz l'acte créatif

UGA Editions, 2017


Geoffrey Chaucer has long been considered as the father of English poetry.  But such a declaration tends to ignore centuries of literary production in England.

This book tries to demonstrate that Chaucer's contribution to English literature might be his contribution to the development of the polyphonic prose.

Publication supported by the Institut Universitaire de France.

Geoffrey Chaucer : polyphonie et modernité 

Michel Houdiard, 2015


Book chapters

This book brings together contributions reflecting the advances in research on the Translatio and its role in the march of ideas.

The objective of the investigations published in this volume is to measure the inflections induced by the Translatio, this passage from once culture to another.

Translation and History of Ideas

Ideas, Languages, Politics

Peter Lang, 2019


Second only to Shakespeare (who coincidentally came after), Geoffrey Chaucer laid the foundation for English verse.

This volume focuses on Chaucer's English background and the effects this had on his monumental verse and explore the distinct transnational quality of his characterizations and narratives.

Critical Insights: Geoffrey Chaucer

Salem Press, 2017


This volume attempts to explore the literary and linguistic exchanges between Great-Britain and France since the Middle Ages.

The essays published here show the richness and complexity of the Anglo-French mariage. 

Pérégrinations & métamorphoses : échanges littéraires et linguistiques entre la Grande-Bretagne et la France depuis le Moyen âge

Presses Universitaires de l'ICES, 2018


Although certain aspects of C.S. Lewis's work have been studied in detail, others have been neglected.

This collection of essays looks at Lewis's life and work, and those of his friends and associates, from many different angles, but all connected through a common theme of identity. 

Persona and Paradox

Issues of Identity for C.S. Lewis, his Friends and Associates

Cambridge Scholars, 2019