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Dr. Jonathan Fruoco 

Dr. Jonathan Fruoco, FRHistS is a medieval scholar and historian. His research focuses on the linguistic and cultural evolution of medieval England, with a particular interest in the polyphony of Geoffrey Chaucer’s work and its connection with French and Italian courtly poetry.

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Latest Book Publication

This volume explores the myriad facets of the Gawain legend through a comparative analysis of the poem and the film. Authors examine these works’ themes, motifs, and narrative techniques, while shedding light on their historical and cultural resonances. Raising issues such as self-discovery, gender politics, the relationship to nature, and questions of morality and ethics, this volume of essays  provides new perspectives on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’s continuing relevance across the centuries.


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The Translator's Tale - Or How to Save Chaucer's Naughty Bits

The Translator's Tale - Or How to Save Chaucer's Naughty Bits

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